Fencing- North Canterbury

In response to a call from North Canterbury farmer battling a heart condition, the team at 'Handy Landys' were eager to get out and help. This trip was focused around re-fencing areas of the property and repairing flood gates following major floods in North Canterbury. This meant the farmer could recover properly without the stress of the farm to worry about. One of our most rewarding jobs to date. 

Scargill- Re-Charge North Canterbury

For the second year running the 'Handy Landys' where a key part of the Re-charge North Canterbury event, formally known as the Scargill drought shout. This event was a prime opportunity to network with farmers in need and lend a helping hand to a highly deserving community. The team are looking forward to up-coming events in the North Canterbury district. 

Earthquake Recovery - North Canterbury

In response to the devastating earthquake throughout North Canterbury, the 'Handy Landy's' headed up on a two night trip to assist with farm maintenance and primarily fencing to allow farms in the region to get back up and running. This trip was hugely successful for the team and are eager to get back up into the region during early 2018. 

Riparian Planting in Kaikoura

Working alongside organisations such as Fonterra, Environment Canterbury and local dairy farmers to improve the ecosystem of waterways at a property near Kaikoura.

Drought Shout in Scargill Valley

  • Helping out at a drought shout comedy night in the North Canterbury
  • 300 People attended
  • Sponsored by ASB and North Canterbury Rural Support trust

Heifer Training at West Melton

  • Teaching 160 heifers onto the rotary platform for the first time before calving

Battening at Banks Peninsula

  • 500m Battening
  • 6 Handy Landys
Awesome day spent over the hill with one hell of a view!

Tree Planting at Greenpark

  • 400 native trees planted
Great to give Jackie & Steve a hand get these natives in the ground.

Banks Peninsula

  • 50m New fence line
  • Tree/ hedge trimming
  • Gardening/landscaping
Thanks again for the opportunity guys. What a view!!

Selwyn Woolshed

  • Clearing under a wool shed (40 years overdue)
  • Tree trimming
  • weed spraying
Cheers to Phill for having us out for the afternoon. See you in another 40 years.


Farming is a strange occupation. Volatile weather patterns, fluctuating market prices and a lot of hard work should be a deterrent. However, we are drawn back to the land and the unique environment in which we farm despite adversity. One of the greatest challenges facing people on the land is remaining positive and optimistic through the hardships.

The launch of Farmstrong in June 2015 aims to raise awareness in rural communities around how to live well, farm well and get the most out of life!It's not just the people on the land who need to look after themselves though; it is paramount that our rural professionals in New Zealand are equipped with the tools to take care of their own well-being when faced with farmers who are under a lot of pressure.

This need has been recognised by the Handy Landy Group whom in conjunction with Farmstrong launched the inaugural 'Rural Professional Healthy Thinking Workshop event on May 12th at Lincoln University. The two hour workshop run by Dr Tom Mulholland of Farmstrong attracted 60 rural professionals from around Canterbury.

We encourage you to head along to the farmstrong website and see some of the awesome things they are doing for farmers.


  • Earthquake Recovery Kaikoura
  • Fence repair in North Canterbury

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