Established 2016

The 'Handy Landys' ?

Just like many good ideas, Handy Landys was thought up in a pub by six mates passionate about making a difference within the Agricultural Industry. Challenged by their scholarship (Lincoln University Future Leaders) to give something back to the community, the idea of the Handy Landys was created with the aim to achieve the following:

Why: To take young, like-minded Lincoln University students and lend a hand on farm, in order to have a positive influence on those in rural Canterbury communities.

Mission: To provide support to farmers throughout the Canterbury region to ensure mental, social and physical well-being are strengthened within the regions agricultural communities.

Vision: To make both a noticeable impact and have a positive influence, by encouraging and allowing students to perform good deeds to those in Rural Canterbury in need.

With what was at the time, a falling milk pay-out and the start of another dry summer in North Canterbury and much of the Eastern South Island, it was clear our industry was doing it tough. We also realised that it wasn't just the impact of economic or climatic variability making it tough, but there would always be someone in our community that would need a hand. From that discussion in November 2015, Handy Landys was formed - a group of keen, like-minded young adults with the central aim giving our time wherever we can, by lending a hand in our local rural community with the hope of assisting in strengthening the surrounding rural communities and founding connections between our students and those in rural Canterbury.

Lincoln University is well known as NZ's Ag school, with strong connections to the rural sector and a strong presence of rural-based students and their red bands. This provides the Handy Landys with a unique skillset and experience with various farming practices, so whether it's the hoggets that need crutched, the hedge that wants trimmed or the need of a hand with the housework, chances are we have the experience necessary. From what started out as an idea on the table, Handy Landys has grown, with over 100 members a part of the Lincoln affiliated club. Our students are keen to get out into the rural community, get away from the books and back out on farm and do a hard days yacker.

At the core, we believe all farmers deserve to feel like they are not alone and that there is support available. We are hoping that we can be another support network to those in the surrounding Canterbury rural area. We provide the transport, the food and maybe a few cold ones at the end of the day, all we need from you is a job to do.

So, drop us a line below, like us on Facebook and we will be in touch!


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